Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stormtroopers of Kejriwal ---Markandey Katju

AAP workers should be made Special Officers

It seems to me that the biggest problem for Kejriwal now is not how to solve the problems of Delhi but how to control the hundreds of thousands of unruly white capped AAP workers, who are spread all over Delhi, and who all now claim to be its kings. Like the hundreds of thousands of stormtroopers ( S.A.) who helped Hitler come to power in January 1933, and then demanded their pound of flesh, the AAP stormtroopers will naturally demand the same, in some form or the other.
Hitler of course solved the problem by bumping of Ernst Roehm and the other top leadership of the S.A. in the ' Night of the Long Knives ', but poor Kejriwal can hardly do the same.
Most of the lumpen elements in Delhi ( and there are hundreds of thousands of them ) now seem to have joined AAP. They shift their loyalties quickly to whichever party comes to power.
In this situation I have a suggestion to make to Kejriwal : he should appoint all AAP workers as Honorary Special officers of Delhi.
These ' Special Officers ' need not be paid anything by the government. But they should be given the power to realize from the people of Delhi as much as they require, by whatever means they think best.

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