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Martyrdom and Its Benefits ------ Sarita Rani

स्पष्ट रूप से पढ़ने के लिए इमेज पर डबल क्लिक करें (आप उसके बाद भी एक बार और क्लिक द्वारा ज़ूम करके पढ़ सकते हैं ) 

Sarita Rani
Martyrdom and Its Benefits

It has been Narendra Damordas Modi's everlong wish to be a martyr. Since 2002 September, an untold number of men have gone to jail, accused of just one crime -- wanting to kill him.

Perhaps a list is now due of at least some of them. Shamsher Pathan (dead); Sadiq Jamal Mahtar (dead), Adam Bhai Ajmeri (16 years in jail and acquitted), Maulana Abdul Kayum Mufti (16 years in jail and acquitted), Abdulla Miya Yasin Miya (12 years in jail and acquitted), two unnamed accused (killed in a shootout their names were never discovered), Chand Khan (unknown years in jail, acquitted).

Two weeks ago a few men were caught by the Gujarat ATS. When that story didn't float, it seems yet another threat has risen to his life - this time from Varavara Rao and his cohorts. While ML-gangs are known to have exterminated class enemies and certainly Mr Modi will qualify as one, none of them are known to have taken "Cash from Congress" for mercenary hits.

The fact is The Sangh doesn't quite know what to do with Mr Modi. They are locked with him in a deadly embrace.

While Mr Modi garners votes, he also garners immeasurable ridicule from a constituency the Sangh would like on it's side -- believing, yet somewhat sane, pro-liberalization and pro-Business Hindus.

To get or retain this constituency -- they have to let Mr Modi go.

And yet. And yet.

How does the Sangh make this switch - Get rid of Modi without also losing his obvious mass base?

I believe the reference to the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination is a red herring. It did nothing for the Congress.

Indira's Gandhi's assassination on the other hand, created a unbridled wave of violence AND sympathy for Rajiv that put him firmly on the Prime Minister's chair for the next five years.

The thing to remember now and for always will be this -- the only person or organization that will benefit directly from Mr Modi's assassination will be the Sangh and the BJP.

It's a simple principle of Criminal Justice : Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

 संकलन-विजय माथुर, फौर्मैटिंग-यशवन्त यश
फेसबुक कमेंट्स ; 

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